Stab-Proof Glass Coming to TVs of People Unsure How Else to Spend Money

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How often do you touch the glass on your television screen? Once a year, accidentally, perhaps? You probably didn’t even think about how thin and fragile is it. But — what would happen if somebody stabbed it?

Worry no more, easily-worriable consumers! Specialty-glass manufacturers Corning are planning to expand production of their neigh-unbreakable Gorilla Glass to include television screens, “in response to strong market demand.” No TVs currently carry the glass, but Corning optimistically expects offers from electronics manufacturers by the end of the year.

The super-strong glass is currently used on smartphones and tablet computers, which makes sense as those are devices that people touch and drop and could actually reasonably fear damaging. (Engadget has a fun vid of the glass on a Dell Streak holding up to a stabbing spree.) Using it on televisions just seems sad to us, the latest example of the tech industry piling on useless add-ons and producing  nothing except the ennui of ceaseless novelty.

That said, were NewsFeed confronted with a television set with an unbreakable screen, we would definitely try to stab it — especially if American Idol was on. (via¬†Engadget)