Video: Palin Uses Hand As Cheat Sheet – Again

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We’ve all done it at one time or another. Maybe we had a hard time studying for the big test, or had to scribble out a reminder about where to meet mom after soccer practice. But now Sarah Palin has been busted a second time for scribbling out talking points on her hand.

This past Sunday, the former governor of Alaska did it during a conversation with Fox interviewer Chris Wallace about the Bush tax cuts. Behold:

In her defense, Palin described these cheat sheets as a “poor man’s version of a teleprompter” to Sean Hannity, which makes us wonder how she tweeted these Shakespeare quotes incorrectly.

It’s not like she hasn’t been warned we’d ridicule her for this. In February, she was caught using hand notes at the tea party convention, during an anti-Obama speech. Bill Maher mocked her relentlessly for the crib notes, as did plenty of other commentators. Let round two begin.

– By Zander Sharp