Where’s Lindsay Lohan Headed Next?

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REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Her jail sentence is finished, but don’t expect life for Lohan to return to normal any time soon.

Lohan was released from the Century Regional Detention Facility outside of Los Angeles early Monday morning, sprinting to avoid the assembled paparazzi after serving just 14 days of her 90-day sentence. (Lohan got out early because of overcrowding in the jail.) But release day is just one checkmark on Lohan’s road to recovery. From jail, Lohan will head to an L.A. rehab center for the next three months, where she’ll be under the supervision of the LA County Probation Department.

Lohan was originally scheduled to serve her rehab time at Morningside Recovery in Orange County, Calif., but a judge nixed that plan on concerns that the facility wasn’t secure enough and that it’d be too easy for drugs to get into the facility. Instead, Lohan is headed to an undisclosed location in Los Angeles, thought to be at the UCLA Medical Center.

And Lohan still has to be on her best behavior: any missteps and the troubled actress faces more jail time for probation violation. (via People)