From Vampires to Elephants: Twilight Producers Tackle Babar

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Here’s hoping Robert Pattinson will get nowhere near close enough to taint this childhood memory.

According to Deadline New York, Temple Hill, the production team behind the Twilight series (or, snoozefest, IMHO) has received the rights to produce a series of films based on the famous cartoon elephant. As envisioned, the flicks would be a mix of computer graphics and live actors.

Babar is the titular character from a series of French children stories dating back to 1931. This won’t be the first time he’s cracked the silver screen: Babar the Movie was an animated flop in 1989 after critics blasted the storyline for being too violent. (Babar led a war against evil rhinoceroses.) No word yet on what the plot for the reboot will be. (via Deadline New York)