An Ink-Stained (But Happy!) Ending for the Parasailing Donkey

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Her death-defying drop brought allegations of animal cruelty, but the parasailing donkey now has a home with The Sun.

The British tabloid purchased the donkey, named Anapka, after video of the the 17-year-old animal strapped to a parasail as part of a publicity stunt shocked viewers around the world. Anapka survived the fall but was reportedly dragged half-dead from the water.

The Sun, one of the first tabloids to report the incident, said a reader outcry led them to purchase the donkey. “We were contacted by thousands of readers. They wanted us to ensure the well-being of this animal,” said Sun writer Garry O’Shea to the Associated Press.

Anapka was transported from her hometown to Moscow, where she underwent a veterinary examination that showed no major issues. She’ll be shipped to Britain this week, where the newspaper plans to find her a permanent (and grounded) home. (via Gawker/Yahoo News)