Beach Boys Versus “California Gurls” In Court?

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REUTERS/Mike Cassese

NewsFeed named it one of the worst summer songs ever, and now “California Gurls” is hitting another setback: threats of a lawsuit.

The New York Post is reporting that the Beach Boys’ label might sue Katy Perry for using a lyric, “I wish they all could be California girls,” in her hit song. The lyric first appeared in their band’s 1965 classic, “California Girls,” which NewsFeed dubbed one of the best summer songs. Technically Snoop Dogg says it near the end of the track, but Perry’s label is receiving the threat.

Rondor Records, which backs the Beach Boys, reportedly sent a letter to Perry’s label, Capitol Records, insisting that The Beach Boys’ Mike Love and Brian Wilson receive a writing credit — and, of course, royalties — for use of the lyric.

Wilson and Love are distancing themselves from this suit, saying it’s up to the record label, which owns the song. Perry has said her tune is a tribute to the classic song, and Love and Wilson have both praised the track in interviews. But still — if your legendary summer anthem gets made into a terrible (yet catchy) hit, it can’t hurt to make some money from it.