3D Backlash Is Official: Step Up 3D Wants You To Know It’s Playing In 2D Too!

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3D fatigue. We have it.

Disney seemed so sure of itself since announcing that the third installment of the Step Up dance-film franchise would debut in 3D, they even made it apart of the title. But with critics and movie goers complaining about the cost and quality of 3D films, the House of Mouse is recoiling it’s 3D extravaganza to remind you that you’ll still be able to see its latest mediocre dance flick in regular ol’ 2D.

When we first saw movie posters for the film, its 3D descriptor was allotted the largest real estate room, but if you take a look at recent ads, “3D” has been scaled to a smaller size, while “Also in 2D” reads clear as a bell right beneath the title. Could Disney be afraid of feeling the 3D sting? Box office revenue for 3D ticket sales have been on a steady decline since the release of Avatar in December, 2009, and while some studios are still crossing their fingers for a 3D triumph, others may begin to hesitate before spending the money to show its latest film in 3D … or at least think before adding it as part of the title.