In Other (Non-depressing) News: Missing Boy Found, Unharmed

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Image by © Caterina Bernardi/Corbis

Summer health scares, the oil spill, war crimes trials. Ugh. How about some good news for a change?

Well, here it is from A 5-year-old boy in Oregon, who had been missing since Wednesday, was found safe Thursday and returned to his parents.

Isaak Benjamin Glenn was camping with family friends in a state park when one of the children he’d been playing with noticed he had disappeared late Wednesday afternoon. His parents and police were notified and spent the night searching for the boy.

It wasn’t until Thursday afternoon, after two men driving on a nearby dirt road spotted him, that Isaak was returned to his parents.

Despite being missing overnight, Isaak is reportedly no worse for the wear, minus a few scratches.

So there’s your dose of good news for the day. Now have you heard about Oregon shutting down a little girl’s lemonade stand?