Woman Guilty of Extorting Money from Louisville Coach Rick Pitino

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Andy Lyons / Getty Images

A woman who allegedly attempted to extort money from storied University of Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino was convicted on six criminal counts of trying to make him pay her thousands of dollars per month, college tuition for her children, automobiles, and a house.

Karen Cunagin Sypher was found guilty after a controversial eight-day trial in which the sordid details of their relationship was unveiled. The two reportedly met and had sex, and Sypher later claimed Pitino raped her, though he was never charged with any crime. He later gave her $3,000 for health insurance after she told him she was pregnant.

Pitino later received the demands from Sypher, which included $10 million in exchange for keeping their relations secret. He went to the authorities, then publicly denounced Sypher and apologized for having a sexual relationship with her. Sypher is eventually charged with extortion and upon being found guilty now faces a maximum 26 years behind bars when she is sentenced on Oct. 27.

Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich has said no plans are currently underway to fire or discipline Pitino.