Oil Spill Fashion—Too Soon?

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Image via www.vogue.it

Vogue Italia’s latest issue features an editorial of oil-spill-inspired images. It’s just a hunch, but this is probably going to make a lot people pretty angry.

The images feature model Kristen McMenamy covered in oil, sprawled, corpse-like, on an oil-destroyed beach. There’s no doubt that the photos are beautifully shot, but does that matter in light of the context? While we here at NewsFeed don’t want to criticize artistic interpretation, it does seem a little soon for this particular fashion spread. After all, many of us still have the images of animals injured by the spill still burned into our minds.

It’s hard to say what the editors of Vogue had in mind but as Dodai Stewart at Jezebel notes, readers aren’t likely to be impressed: “Instead of being moved emotionally, the only actions that seem right in reaction to this inappropriate spread which aims to shock and awe are a wrinkling of the nose and a rolling of the eyes.”