Latest Salmonella Threat for Humans: Pet Food?

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Parents, keep your kids away from the kibble.

According to the Associated Press, salmonella may lurk in dog and cat food, leading humans to be infected. Six pet-food recalls have already been issued in 2010 due to possible salmonella contamination, even before the FDA announced the connection between dry pet food and salmonella outbreaks in recent years. From 2006 to 2008, 79 people had salmonella, and more than half were under the age of 2.

The source? A pet-food plant in Pennsylvania that produces several different brands of kibble. The contamination may have occurred while the food was sprayed with flavoring.

There’s no evidence that humans had to eat the food to be infected; rather, people could have touched pets or food dishes and then put their fingers in their mouths. No animals were reported to be affected by tainted food.

Luckily, since 2008, there have been no reported cases of salmonella linked with pet food. Still, NewsFeed does not recommend letting your kid into the Pedigree any time soon.