Will Las Vegas Ban Hula Hoops?

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© David Katzenstein/CORBIS

Las Vegas boasts its Sin City nickname. But there’s one sinful activity that crosses the line in their city — hula hooping.

Yes, hula hooping. According to AOL News, the Las Vegas City Council is considering banning hula hoops in the city’s downtown area known as the Fremont Street Experience. This area spans five blocks and is apparently home to some menacing hula-ers.

Thousands of people pass through the plaza every night to head to casinos and see light shows. Council members say the hula-hoopers in the area can cause disruptions. This is the latest attempt to control activities like playing music or handing out flyers — and every other time, federal courts have reversed the city’s decision, saying the plaza is a public area.

To be fair, here’s an example of the hula hoops Las Vegas is dealing with. They’re not your typical backyard hoops, and they could possibly hurt an unsuspecting tourist.