Balloon Boy’s Father Attempts To Prove There’s Life On Mars

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REUTERS/Rich Abrahamson/Pool

Just when you thought the Heenes couldn’t seem any more up in the air, the ‘Balloon Boy’ family patriarch Richard Heene resurfaces with an alien lecture.

Over seven minutes, Richard Heene sits at a computer, yelling and pointing at blurry objects.

“BONE! That’s a BONE!” “That’s a structure!” “Come on, look at that!” “That’s a vehicle!”

(See video of the stunning solar tsunami)

It would seem that Mr. Heene is seeing things – of the little green men variety. Dubbing himself a member of The Psyience Detectives, he zooms in on images taken from NASA’s web site, claiming that he’s examining visual “proof” of life on Mars. It would seem that Heene has designated pseudo-scientific pursuits as his comeback after last year’s jail sentence for the high-profile hoax involving a false report that his six-year-old son Falcon had somehow climbed into a rogue weather balloon. It may not be the reality show he envisioned, but Heene seems to finally have found his screen time.