Bzzzzzz…Smack! Too Many Mosquitoes Flying Around Chicago

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If you can’t stand mosquitoes, don’t visit Chicago’s suburbs anytime soon. That’s because the Windy City has undergone a heat wave, coupled with lots of rain that has been a formula for a bug breakout.

“This is the worst mosquito outbreak in 20 years,” Laura McGowan, a spokeswoman for Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management of Roselle, Illinois told the Chicago Tribune. “The (mosquito) traps are catching three to four times the amount that’s usually considered a nuisance.” (See pictures of bug cuisine.)

Skeeters are overwhelming suburbs like Evanston, Wilmette and Schaumburg in record numbers, rekindling fears of a West Nile Virus outbreak which killed dozens in the area in 2002.

The Northwest Mosquito Abatement District has been getting at least 150 calls a day from residents who are serving as lunch for the tiny blood suckers. “The public will call in and say, ‘I got eaten alive, and I put insect repellent on,'” said Mike Szyska, the agency’s director. (See pictures of the weird world of insects.)