If Only We Could Dislike This – “Official Dislike Button For Facebook” Is Fake

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Image by © THIERRY ROGE/Reuters/Corbis

For those of you who have been yearning for a dislike button to compliment Facebook’s like feature, well, be prepared to keep yearning.

Despite a rash of status updates that have been advertising for The Official Dislike Button on Facebook, Mashable reports that the link that follows such updates only leads to a useless application page that then leads to surveys.

It’s unclear whether this scam could actually be harmful, though it’s definitely not an official Facebook application. Mashable also points out that if and when Facebook does come out with a dislike option, “you wouldn’t need to install it; Facebook would automatically add it to user profiles.”

So until Facebook officially adds a dislike option (we’re waiting!), Facebook users will have to express their ire the old-fashioned way: By writing scathing comments.