Silly Bandz: The Newest Thing Rappers Brag About

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In case you’re over the age of 16 and don’t have kids under 16, Silly Bandz are the latest inexplicable trend among youngsters. They’re simply rubber bands in the shape of animals, dinosaurs and the like that kids wear around their wrists. And yet, they’re so popular that someone took the time to rap about it.

Rapper Young Siege, who looks like he may be in the Silly Band-buying demographic, gathered some friends and shot a video for his song, “My Silly Bandz.” Instead of rapping about a Rolex, he flaunts his bracelets, noting he has ones shaped like a dinosaur and a pelican. Not that shapes matter when they’re stretched out on your wrist, but hey — rap about what you know, right?

We guess the bracelets may be dangerous enough to earn some street cred. After all, they’re flimsy rubber bands and can break easily, putting someone’s eye out in the process. They even have been banned from many schools because they distract students. We at NewsFeed suppose we’re too old to understand this phenomenon — when they start making Justin Bieber Silly Bandz, you know it’s impossible to comprehend.

Now get off our lawn, young’uns! Unless you give us that purple bear band. That one looks awesome. (via Urlesque)