Swarm of Bees Traps Deputy in Car for Three Hours

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Around 5,000 honeybees decided to make a police car their new hive on Tuesday.

Just east of Raleigh, North Carolina, Deputy Brandon Jenkins responded to a call that someone may have been attacked by bees. When he showed up, reports CNN, he found a truck with a trailer carrying 60 boxes of bees. The driver had attempted to transport them at night, when they are less likely to fly, when the truck broke down. It was unclear how the bees escaped, but once they did, they got angry and spent three hours crawling on the police car.

Why did the bees go crazy over Deputy Jenkins’ car? They became more active as the day went on and the weather warmed, and they were probably drawn to the sedan’s light color.

Technicians removed the bees by using smoke to “mask their communication,” and spraying sugar water to make it harder for them to fly. They then brushed the bees into a box, and Deputy Jenkins could finally get out of his car.