Jerry O’Connell Discusses His 3D Nude Scene

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That’s right. We said THREE DIMENSIONAL nudity.

At 1:15 in this video, Jimmy Kimmel asks the questions we all want to know. Jerry O’Connell (who is much more attractive than we remembered) do you bare all in Piranha 3D?

“I show frontal,” he says. “I show my (he whistles).”

“I play a soft core pornography mogul,” he adds. … Now, that’s a film you can show your nearly two-year-old baby girls.

Many times actors and actresses say they’ll do nudity in the ‘right’ film — a movie that really calls for it. O’Connell chose Piranha 3D. Apparently, there’s even a scene where his bits are compromised by the piranha’s pointy teeth. (shudder)

How did this awful looking movie manage to snag a real actor, anyway?

(Part one of this funny interview is here.)