Rolling Stone On A Roll: From McChrystal to Sexy, Sexy Vampires

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Cover of Rolling Stone via

Because everyone’s talking about the bloody stars of True Blood.

It’s been a big summer for Rolling Stone. A few months ago the rock and culture magazine was in the spotlight because of Michael Hastings’ incendiary profile of General Stanley McChrystal. That time around, all the attention resulted in McChrystal, the Commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, resigning from his position (kind of a big deal).

Here we are, a few months later, and once again everyone’s talking about the magazine. Except this time it’s about the cover, which features the stars of HBO’s vampire show, sexily posed. Naked. And bloody.

While the cover is most definitely, um, eye-catching, somehow we don’t think the fallout of this issue will result in any major government resignations. The only outcome is likely to be an increase in Rolling Stone’s newsstand sales, not to mention True Blood DVDs. For more Anna Paquin, check out TIME’s 10 questions with the actress. (Sorry, she’s fully clothed!)