What Would It Take To Redesign American Currency?

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An Obama $1 bill? See one British design firm’s reimagination of the dollar – now in blue.

UK-based design firm Dowling Duncan has given U.S. currency a modernized face lift, redesigning U.S. banknotes in a rainbow of colors. An entry for The Dollar ReDe$ign Project competition, Dowling Duncan’s new dollar aesthetic is surprisingly joyful. Their take on U.S. bills feature historical facts and figures: a tepee on a purple five, the Bill of Rights on a yellow 10, 20th-century scientific and manufacturing achievements on a green 20, the 50 states on a red 50 and an FDR time line on an orange 100.

The visually appealing bills focus on some of America’s greatest moments and honestly, have made us look at into our own wallets with disappointment. We never pictured greenback as a drab reminder of U.S. hedonism and a failing economy – until now. Sorry, Mr. Washington.

(via Co Design)