Blagojevich’s Elvis Sculpture Fetches $20K at Auction

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REUTERS/Frank Polich

As if times weren’t tough enough for Rod Blagojevich, a storage company is auctioning off his stuff since he didn’t pay his bill.

Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage, located in Arlington Heights, Ill., drew a crowd of more than 200 people when they auctioned off boxes and boxes of Blago belongings, with the proceeds going to charity.

Most people didn’t know what was inside the boxes they were buying, but some packages included files, videotapes and even one message 12-year-old Blago wrote about wanting to be a lawyer, “but moreso a baseball player.” But the biggest buy was a 6-foot-tall sculpture of Elvis, which sold for $20,500. (Blagojevich made TIME’s list of Top 10 Elvis Impersonators.)

The event raised more than $30,000, which will be donated to the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. It’s a win-win situation — it’s not like 6-foot Elvis can keep Blago company if he goes to the slammer. (via Chicago Tribune)