Wyclef Jean’s Presidential Bid: On Shaky Ground?

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REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine

Wyclef Jean’s presidential campaign may not last ‘till November.

If the hip-hop artist’s name does not appear on a list of eligible candidates that Haiti’s provisional electoral council plans to release today, his bid—announced earlier this month—will be cut short.

The biggest looming question is whether or not Jean must meet a requirement that says presidential candidates must live in the country for five consecutive years before the election. Though Jean moved from Haiti to Brooklyn, NY as a child, he insists that years of charitable and ambassadorial work there should exempt him from the rule.

Yesterday, an unidentified council member hinted to Reuters that Jean’s name was indeed missing from the list. Still, he’s not waving the white flag just yet. Jean met with Haitian President Rene Preval yesterday to discuss his campaign and told the Miami Herald that the conversation went well. He didn’t seem too phased by speculation that he might get the boot, telling the paper, “We feel we are going to be OK.”

Caitlin Ann McDevitt