Brad Pitt: Out for Deadly Oil-Spill Consequences?

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RD / Bishop /Retna Ltd./Corbis

The actor is reportedly weighing in on what should happen to those responsible for the massive Gulf oil spill — and he’s not mincing his words.

The makers of a new documentary about the oil-spill aftermath asked Pitt whether he’d consider capital punishment for those responsible for the spill. His reported response? “I was never for the death penalty before – I am willing to look at it again.” (And this is from one of our top celebrity do-gooders.)

The Spike Lee-helmed documentary, “If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise,” tracks the recovery of the Gulf region after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Pitt has spearheaded efforts to reconstruct some 150 homes in the region and has been one of the region’s most public advocates. The filmmakers said the documentary’s scope was originally supposed to be limited to Hurricane Katrina alone, but the massive spill provided another crippling blow to the coast and necessitated some rethinking.

The film begins screenings in the U.S. this week. (via the Daily Mail)