Can the Pizza Burger Claim a Place in Burger King’s Fast Food Court?

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Burger King, you can’t pull one over on us! NewsFeed knows just what you’re trying to do.

You are creating ad-friendly items just to get news blogs like us to write about you, giving you free promotion no matter what we have to say about you. Well, ha! That dog don’t hunt, baby!

So the $12.99 New York Pizza Burger, a 9-inch overgrown Whopper topped with pepperoni, mozzerella, and pesto sauce that adds up to more than 2500 calories is set to make its debut at the Miami-based chain’s midtown Manhattan Whopper Bar, one of a series of restaurant-themed BKs. By comparison, a regular Whopper has 670 calories, although the company is quick to point out that each Pizza Burger contains six servings.’s junk-food oriented blog, A Hamburger Today, gave a review of the even-more-fatty-than-KFC’s-Double-Down concoction. But it was mainly positive because the reviewer was hungry.

I housed that thing. But even in my rush to gullet-cram, I was surprised that it actually managed to convey both burgerness and pizzaness in a single bite.

Burgerness and pizzaness? It must be two-thousand freakin’ ten, man.

Anyway is the New York Pizza Burger any worse than any of the other fast food freakouts like say a McDonald’s Big Mac (600 calories), Domino’s 12-inch Classic Hand Tossed Pepperoni Pizza¬† (449 calories); or two Taco Bell Beef Soft Tacos (420 calories total)?¬† The answer is maybe, depending on whether you share with a friend or greedily scarf it up like the gluttonous Seriouseats reviewer.

On the other hand, the likelihood that you’ll die of a coronary after eating it is minimal as long as you do it in moderation. But if consumption efficiency is not your thing, then NewsFeed recommends keeping a portable defibrillator nearby.

So no BK, it didn’t work. The free promotion you were looking for isn’t coming from us. Um, well actually, uh…