Gaga Bests Britney, Takes Twitter Top Spot

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Eugene Gologursky ./Retna Ltd./Corbis

In one fell swoop, Lady Gaga is taking over the Internet.

Gaga is the most famous living celebrity on Facebook. For a while, she had the most-watched video on YouTube, only to be overtaken by, of course, Justin Bieber. Now, Lady Gaga is the proud owner of the most-followed account on Twitter.

As of August 23, Gaga has 5,740,281 followers on Twitter, beating Britney Spears‘ total of 5,708,176. To thank her followers, Gaga shot a video proclaiming herself “Tween.” We’re guessing she’s not a preteen, but a Twitter queen — either way, her video is certainly eccentric. (via MTV)


Thanks to Time, CNN, Fox, Yahoo etc for putting the grief stricken families on your sites. Disgusting voyeurism should always lead the news.


This is a very sad day.  So many families losing love ones.  Prayers for all.