Ochocinco’s Actual Reality Interfering with Ochocinco Reality Show

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Photo by Kelsey McNeal/ABC via Getty Images

Don’t you hate it when you’re dating somebody and your company wants you to keep it quiet because they are publicly pimping you out to someone else? (NewsFeed certainly does every time it happens which us, which is all the time!)

As you may know, Chad Ochocinco (born Chad Johnson) is not just a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, an unofficial court jester for the NFL and an overzealous Twitterer. He is also the star of the VH1 dating show The Ultimate Catch. The show is currently ramping up on its way to the finale (it’s down to the final four women), but there’s one problem: Ocho is dating someone in real life, and it’s not someone from the show!

Ocho has been stepping out with Evelyn Lozada, the ex-fiancĂ©e of NBA star Antoine Walker and a cast member on VH1’s Basketball Wives. The pair have been flirting on twitter for all to see, and just like in classic Victorian literature, VH1 is afraid the impropriety will financially damage their business concerns. According to anonymous sources, the network is unhappy that Ochocinco is spoiling the illusion that he will end up getting married and living happily forever with whomever he picks in the Ultimate Catch finale.

Something tells NewsFeed, however, that both parties will be fine. Ochocinco is being paid millions of dollars, so he doesn’t need anything from VH1. And VH1 itself has what seems like millions of celebrity dating shows, so if they cut ties with Ochocinco another B- or C-lister will step up to take his place. So don’t worry about it, you crazy kids! Just go for it! (via TMZ)