Bizarro, Cat-Hating Woman Found

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The woman who was caught on tape trapping a cat in a garbage bin has been identified and will be questioned by the RSPCA.

The CCTV video of the incident is definitely creepy: a middle-aged woman walking down the street happens upon a cat. She strokes it, looks surreptitiously around the street and then pushes the cat into a nearby bin, closing the lid after it. She then walks away, leaving the cat trapped.

The weird incident took place on Saturday night in Coventry, England and was caught by the CCTV camera that cat’s owners had installed outside their home. After hearing the cat’s meows from inside the bin and reviewing their security cameras, Darryl and Stephanie Mann posted the footage on YouTube and Facebook, in an attempt to identify the woman.

Outrage ensued, as the video circulated on the Internet. Cat-lovers were (obviously) the most upset, but even for those who are generally indifferent towards cats (full disclosure: I fall into this camp), the video is disturbing and it didn’t take long to go viral.

Which led to the woman being identified. The RSPCA is set to question the woman, but police are requesting that the public stay out of the matter for the time being. But judging from the anger towards the woman–she’s probably the most hated person on animal-lovers’ lists this week–that doesn’t seem likely to happen. (via the Guardian)