Curse of the Favre? Sidney Rice Has Hip Surgery, Out for Half of Season

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Photo by G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images

Brett Favre has ended his requisite summer deliberations/”look-at-me!” rituals and returned to the Minnesota Vikings, only to find that his best receiver is now out for the first half of the season. Is it karma?

While it’s fun to spin the story that way, probably not. The injury for which Rice had surgery predates this year’s retirement drama; he got hurt in last season’s NFC championship game against the New Orleans Saints and aggravated the injury during practice this spring. Rice made the decision to have surgery yesterday on his own after rest and rehab failed to heal the injury, and not because of some sort of spiritual payback manifesting itself.

Vikings fans are reportedly angry at Rice for taking so long to make the decision to have surgery. In other news, Minnesota has no word for ‘irony.’ (via ESPN)