Dear Onion: We Love You Too

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It would appear we’ve been the target of an Onion spoof. Yes, we watched it. Yes, we laughed. 

Giggling could be heard across the 23rd floor of the Time-Life Building in midtown Manhattan Tuesday morning, as TIME staffers awoke to an Onion spoof that depicted an editor-in-chief launching a new magazine: “TIME Advanced,” or a version of TIME not geared towards children.

It’s a hilarious video, that much is certain, particularly during a week in which we launched a cover story (“Is America Islamophobic?”) that is decidedly not for kids. But all laughs aside, wouldn’t the world be a better place, if kids across the country took a break from the video games to run outside, and compare notes on the latest TIME profile? A little less Bio Shock, a little more foreign policy?

If laughter is the highest form of flattery, consider us enamored. Editors of The Onion, we openly confess: We love you too.

Love, Steve