George Michael Admits Drug-Driving

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George Michael famously once sang that “guilty feet have got no rhythm.” Change “feet” to “plea” and we are confronted with but the latest example of the former Wham! singer’s appearances in court.

He pleaded guilty Tuesday morning to driving while under the influence of drugs and possessing cannabis. The 47-year-old, whose real name is Georgios Panayiotou, was given a six-month interim driving ban, will return next month for sentencing and was told by the judge this was “a serious matter” with the prospect of imprisonment.

The incident took place last month when the singer crashed his Range Rover in north London — a police patrol found him slumped at the wheel though presumably resisted the urge to say, “Wake me up before you go go” — at the not exactly glamorous location of a Snappy Snaps (the irony won’t be lost on any paparazzi reading this). As for the court hearing Tuesday, Michael only spoke to confirm his details and enter his plea, though he did remove his trademark dark glasses. And darker days may lie ahead.