New York Anti-Mosque Demonstrators Pick on Wrong Guy

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Richard H. Cohen/Corbis

Apparently some of the people protesting the proposed Islamic center near the World Trade Center site are so eager to look for a scapegoat they’ll verbally beat up on anyone.

In this video, a group of protesters take jabs at a guy who they think is a Muslim, but is quite obviously black and Puerto Rican, as indicated by the lavalier he’s wearing bearing the territorial flag. But what’s setting them off is probably what he has on his head, likely mistaken for a kufi, a small hat typically worn by Muslim men. In actuality it’s just a fitted cap made with the logo of Under Armour, a Baltimore-based athletic gear company.

Apprehensive about pronouncing the protesters wrong, NewsFeed did extensive research into this company and found that it has no ties to Muslim extremists, terrorism or radicalism of any type. We did, however find that the tight fitting apparel provides lots of support for athletes who really push it. Upon further research, we found that there are no athletes who really push it who have any links to terrorist organizations.

Sorry protesters, you might need to do your research into athletic gear companies before picking “Muslims” out of a crowd.