‘0 Views’ Showcases YouTube’s Least Viral

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What does it take for a web video to not log one single view?

Combine mundane activities, grainy quality and terrible soundtracks and you get fodder for 0 Views, a Tumblr account that displays the “bottom of the barrel” — videos that have, well, zero views on YouTube. This stuff hasn’t even been forwarded to friends and family, it’s so unnoticed. Depending on your point of view, the site either makes fun of these videos or celebrates them so they get more exposure. (See YouTube’s 50 best videos.)

When combing through the featured videos, though, it’s hard not to feel a sense that you’re looking at something private. These are not your typical “guy falls down” videos or broadcasting bloopers. There’s just a girl making faces in the mirror adjacent to a Justin Bieber-covered wall, a boy playing with balloons and a man reciting poetry. They’re shots of friends, family and children, all living their lives and maybe being a little goofy. The fact that literally no one on the Internet has seen these videos gives us the sense of prying into something forbidden, even though the videos were uploaded to the public.

But the oddest thing about 0 Views is that once a video is posted to the site, the video no longer has 0 views — rather, it gets hundreds — thus rendering it ineligible for inclusion on 0 views. (via Buzzfeed)