Male Version of The View in Development

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ABC via Getty Images

Get excited, men of America: All your dreams are about to come true!

Men across the country have long wished for a place on the television to call their own, a place that would finally speak to them in their own unique, oft-ignored voice. Well, Barbara Walters has reportedly heard their cries and begun developing a version of The View just for dudes.

Unfortunately, the show will probably not be featuring NewsFeed’s favorite men, NFL cornerback Sheldon Brown, comedian Louis C.K and Vice President Joe Biden. Instead, reports say that Walters is open to the ideal of having a cast made up on men and women. (Canny idea; men only want to watch a room full of dudes if the room is a broadcast booth.)

Allegedly, developers are pushing for television personality Bryant Gumbel to headline, with actor Alec Mapa, former BET anchord Jacque Reid and former Fox News host E.D. Hill projected as co-hosts. (NewsFeed is contractually obligated by The Society of Internet Journalists to report that Hill was the source of the Barack Obama Terrorist Fist Jab meme.)

Guys, what do you think? Can that line-up represent your own beautiful and exceptional experience? Or is it merely the latest in a long line of network tokenism?