Comedian Undergoes 5-Day ‘Online Cleanse’ in His Bathroom

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REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

It’s finally happened: people are getting so sick of the Internet, they are beginning to make it a point to publicly unplug from it.

One of the better examples of this is comedian Mark Malkoff’s bid to go without any web contact…for five whole days…while remaining in his bathroom. On his blog he describes why he’s decided to go through with a stunt that would amount to sadistic torture for anyone born after 1990.

“It’s a struggle to get anything accomplished because of my addiction which includes: Email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and especially online news sites.”

So Malkoff is instead spending this week in his bathtub — not leaving it at all, where he says he will accomplish things like reading Gravity’s Rainbow; memorizing all the U.S. Presidents in order; and learn how to play “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on guitar.

Ironically, these pursuits are at least as pointless as anything he could do on the Internet, but that’s besides the point. What he’s really aiming at is showing his findings in a video on comedy website My Damn Channel on Sept. 8.