Garmin Nuvi Recall: Yet Another Reason Driving Could Kill You

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Make right turn in 1.2 miles. Recalculating. Overheating. Grab nearest fire extinguisher. Run for cover.

When your dashboard inherits a mind of its own, it spells trouble. In a year where automakers can’t seem to evade the recall rush, one prominent GPS manufacturer has added its name to that list. PC World gives the lowdown on Garmin’s move to retrieve 1.25 million Nuvi navigation devices because of overheating issues.

Worst of all, ZDNet adds that the culprits behind the fire hazard are third-party batteries lying within the system. The new GPS grief joins a long list of 2010 car treachery, from Honda’s airbag angst, to Toyota’s massive accelerator gaffe.

While Garmin reports that less than 10 of its units have been affected so far, the predicament has its share of karma. The news comes 48 hours after the company announced plans for the opening of its brand new tech support center.

For details on what to do with those tainted batteries, head over to Techland.