China’s Got Talent Displays Inspiring, Toe-Tapping Skill

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China’s Got Talent, the Chinese version of the TV show that helped make Britain’s Susan Boyle a singing star, has drawn attention to a very special kind of talent.

Liu Wei’s arms were amputated after he was electrocuted during a childhood game of hide and seek. Yet, the 23-year-old can still play the piano beautifully- with his toes.

“Whatever other people do with their hands, I do with my feet. It’s just that,” says Liu. “Nobody ever decreed that to play the piano you must use your hands.”

China’s Got Talent has been a hit since its launch in July and has also featured disabled modern dancers and break-dancing migrant workers. The Dragon TV program is drawing attention to the challenges facing the disabled and otherwise disadvantaged in China. There has been some skepticism among viewers about whether all the participants’ stories are genuine. However, there is no doubting that Wei’s is an extraordinary talent. -Frances Perraudin