Australian Tourists Swim With The Crocodiles

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Snorkeling is so 2009.

Need a little more excitement on your vacation? Tourists inside Darwin, Australia’s Crocosaurus Cove park can go for a little “dip” inside the croc tank. A transparent perspex cage, the “Cage of Death,” allows park visitors to get face to face with 1,750-pound, 18-foot long crocodiles while the the 5.31-inch thick cage is immersed inside the crocs’ tank. Now for the really fun part: The tank covered in chunks of meat – just in case you found a more docile encounter with the enormous beasts a little too dull. “People often get activity ranging from an aggressive attack to a casual eye-balling and swim past where the crocs are so close that they rub against the cage,” said a spokeswoman for the park. Twenty minutes inside the water will run you about $155.

And, as The Daily Mail reminds us, saltwater crocodiles are the largest reptiles on the planet and are able to gobble down horses, water buffalo and even sharks. (My mind just went to an awesome Syfy-type place.) Found in Australia and New Guinea, Indonesia and Borneo, the crocs are even known to add humans to the menu, making Crocosaurus Cove’s new attraction a little too “all-you-can-eat” people buffet for NewsFeed’s tastes.