Exclusive Q&A: Justin Long Talks Jailbroken iPhones, Bizarre Apple Ad Outtakes

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Our colleagues over at Techland talked with the official Mac guy about his scandalous appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, where he displayed what many thought looked like a jailbroken iPhone. 

But in an exclusive interview, not only did Just Long dispute the accusations made by many viewers who thought they saw a tampered smartphone – he also hinted at the existence of a trippy outtake from an Apple ad that NewsFeed demands the company make public immediately:

Techland: Are there outtakes in the Apple Ads where John Hodgman wins?

Long: They have them. I keep trying to get my hands on them. We would shoot four to six a day. So we would do a lot at a time. So most of them we didn’t air. They probably aired about 15 percent of them. There were tons we shot. I remember we shot one with Zach Galifianakis where he played a drunk Santa Claus…

Um, say that again?

Yep, we heard him right. A Drunk Santa Mac Ad – and that’s just the beginning of the revelations. Read the full interview at Techland.