Hair-Cutter by Day, Crime-Fighter by Night Headed to Boston

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Photo via (Francine Orr, Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles Times reports that a hair-cutter in Venice who fights crime in her spare time by initiating citizen’s arrests while patrolling her neighborhood on her bicycle, is moving back to her hometown of Boston. There is absolutely nothing about this story that NewsFeed doesn’t love.

The 58-year-old woman who goes by the name Boston Dawna to protect her identity, has—by her own estimate—helped catch thousands of criminals in Venice. How does she do it? Nightly street patrols where she’s not above hiding in bushes in order to surprise thieves and burglars. She is known in the area by both residents and police officers, who all say they are grateful for her help.

But now she has announced that she’s moving from California to Boston after 39 years in Venice, in order to get back to her hometown. Luckily, she told the Times that she would continue to fight crime. “Some people like playing golf,” she said. “Some people like riding bikes or surfing. I like hiding in bushes and catching criminals.”

Amazing! Here are some other things that we love about Boston Dawna:

-She actually has business cards that read, “Cuts hair by day and crime by night.”

-She restrains perps with handcuffs that she buys in bulk from the Pleasure Chest sex shop.

-She patrols the neighborhood on a purple beach cruiser bicycle.

-She has a 30-year-old parrot named Elwood.

-On holidays she cooks feasts for the police officers in her area.

In fact, as far as NewsFeed is concerned, the only downside to this story is for the citizens of Venice. Bostonians, however, should rejoice.  (via the Los Angeles Times)