Justin Bieber/Kanye West/Raekwon Collaboration Finally Drops

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Justin Bieber grew upon the crime side (the New York Times side,) where stayin’ alive was no jive! At second-hands, his mom bounced on old man, so then he moved to Shaolin Land! Which was where he met Raekwon and became best friends with him.

Yes, the long-awaited Justin Bieber/Kanye West/Raekwon collaboration, born out of the Twitter @replies that rocked the world, was released today. And the resulting “Runaway Love” remix is not horrible. Not good certainly — neither Kanye nor Raekwon drop any great rhymes, and Bieber just does his high-pitched, Autotuned “Oh, baby, baby, ooh!” thing — but not as train-wreck-y or gimmick-y as NewsFeed might have feared. Scratch that, it’s still exactly as gimmick-y as NewsFeed feared.

Response from critics has been moderately positive, but the best response has come — as usual — from Youtube commenters. From BassmanJake666: “This is one of those things that on paper seems so wack that it might actually turn out to be dope. Too bad it’s just plain wack.” And from KentoTV: “As long as I pretend [Bieber’s] just some hoodrat girl who Raekwon allowed to sing on the track, I’m good.”