Awful Parents: 30% of You Think Your Kids Are Boring

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Image by © Rainer Dittrich/Westend61/Corbis

A new study in the UK has found that a third of parents think that playing with their children is boring. (via the Guardian)

Professor Tanya Byron, a chartered clinical psychologist in the UK, conducted the study, which surveyed 2000 parents and 2000 children between the ages of five to 15. Housework, careers and an over-reliance on videogames as entertainment were all listed as reasons why parents were not engaging with their children through play.

What was most heartbreaking about the study was that one in 10 children sensed their parents’ apathy towards playtime. Poor kids!

That said, NewsFeed recognizes that sometimes kids have awful taste in entertainment. Check out our list of the most tedious games that children, unfortunately, insist on playing.