Girlfriend’s Facebook Page Allegedly Sparks Boyfriend’s Jealous Rage

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THIERRY ROGE / Reuters / Corbis

The ‘about me’: Suspected of imprisoning my significant other for four days because I saw a Facebook message from another guy and thought she was having an affair.

That’s the situation surrounding Anthony Lozano. The AP writes that the 36-year-old Californian was arrested over the weekend on several charges, including false imprisonment, kidnapping and torture. Lozano’s 23-year-old female partner, whose name was not released in the report, was allegedly choked with a rope and towel. (See five no-nos for divorced couples.)

Making matters worse, Kings County Sheriff’s commander Dave Putnam told the wire service that the couple’s 3-year-old child was supposedly home at the time of the violent interaction. It is not clear whether Lozano has an attorney.