Another Mag Bites The Dust: Paste Comes Unglued

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After 8 years of bringing readers “Signs of Life in Music, Film & Culture,” sources confirm that the much-loved and  financially challenged Paste magazine is calling it quits.

The magazine, based out of Decatur, Georgia, was arguably the best print product when it came to giving readers the most noteworthy and cutting edge stories in music and popular culture—managing to be informed and clever, but unpretentious in the process.  It was nominated for two National Magazine Awards for general excellence, and has routinely received the stamp of approval from readers and critics alike—the Wall Street Journal even called it “the finest among American music titles.” But unfortunately critical praise and quality content have never been enough.

Independent music magazines are generally a labor of love, and Paste, whose editor in chief was Josh Jackson, was no different, having faced more than it’s fair share of money issues over the years.  The magazine was in serious danger of closing in 2009, but survived on an outpouring of support and donations from fans who couldn’t bear to see it go, and just being generally scrappy and innovative with ideas like the mini issue.

They were able to eek by for another year, but rumors started to circulate Wednesday morning that they would be closing up shop when various staffers took to their Twitter pages claiming to be unemployed. While there has been no official announcement from the magazine, Time’s source inside confirmed the closing.

Sorry to see you go, Paste.