Justin Bieber Will Make You Scream

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OMG: A new CSI promo shows Justin Bieber behind bars.

The tween star will shed some of his good guy image during his stint on CBS’ CSI as a troubled teen with a dark side. The newest promo, teasing the episode set to air on September 23, gives us a look at the pop star as we know him (on stage, fans swooning) while an ominous voice over delivers the punch. “But this fall on CSI, Justin Bieber will make you scream.”

As the episode’s guest star, Bieber will play Jason McCann, CSI executive producer Carol Mendelsohn told MTV News. “He’s a troubled young man, raised in the foster-care system, whose hard-luck life has left him scarred and angry,” she said. “At the end of the episode, we’re left with the question: Is Jason a good kid stuck in a bad situation or is Jason a bad kid hiding behind his cuteness? You can see why Justin was such a perfect choice to play this role. … It’s an explosive story.”

Bieber Fever with a dark side? We can’t wait. (See photos of teen sensation Justin Bieber)