Survey: The Real ‘Stuff White People Like’

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Tom Clancy? Harley Davidson? Phish? Oh, it’s so much worse than we thought.Dating site OKCupid ran analysis of the profile essays of 526,000 of its users (divided into groups by race) to zoom in on the most used words and phrases of each racial group. Not surprisingly, the results are interesting and somewhat amusing. Says OKTrends in a blog post: “It turns out that all kinds of people list sushi as one of their favorite foods. But Asians are the only group who also list sashimi; it’s a racial outlier. Similarly, as we shall see, black people are 20 times more likely than everyone else to mention soul food, whereas no foods are distinct for white people, unless you count diet coke.”

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Per the site’s findings, we see a list filled with … well, I think OKTrends’ Christian Rudder said it best. “I have to say that the mind of the white man is the world’s greatest sausagefest. Unless you’re counting Queens of the Stone Age, there is not even one vaguely feminine thing on his list.” “Van Halen,” “Ghostbusters,” “The Big Lebowski,” “brew” and “golfing” round out the top ten, while “grilling,” “motorcycles” and “I’m a country boy” fill out the catalog’s end of “white” interests. As a female representative of this group, I’d like keenly discourage anyone from assuming that the phrase “lock, stock and two smoking barrels” has much correlation with the white race – at least from where I sit.

For all of OKCupid’s analysis of popular points of interests based on race, read the rest of the OKTrends report.