Reading While Eating for September 9: Divas, NFL Players and Monkeys

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Couples walk down a slope to line up before a mass wedding ceremony at the Taipei Flora Expo Hall September 9, 2010. A mass wedding ceremony was held for 163 couples on Thursday on the ninth day of the ninth month in the 99th year since the beginning of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The date which makes out to 9.9.99 is an auspicious number as the number '9' (pronounced jiu in Chinese) is a homophone that means lasting.


In today’s must-read roundup, get the latest on technology, the military and baby pigs.

Credit Crisis: Slate’s Jessica Winter was buying her first apartment when credit agencies told her she was deceased. It took more than a little effort to get herself resurrected.  (Slate)

Top Time-Waster: The Independent Film Channel has a list of the 50 greatest movie trailers of all time. The list ranges from horror to classics to South Park. (IFC)

Tech Tidbits: Find out how six technology companies, like Apple, Google and Yahoo, got their names. (IT World)

Political Sport: Which NFL players have donated to which political candidates? Among football players, Republicans have the edge. (OpenSecrets)

Biggest Belters: Finally, scientific evidence proves who is the biggest diva of all time. There are even charts! (The Awl)

Scary Stories: Need a good shock? The Guardian is reporting about a secret “kill team” of American soldiers in Afghanistan. These soldiers allegedly killed civilians at random and collected their fingers as trophies. (Guardian)

Elsewhere on Photos: How Fashion Week models are chosen.

Must Watch: Why bother with something of substance? Here’s a baby monkey riding on top of a mini pig. (via BuzzFeed)