Belgium Jail Asks ‘Babes’ to Remove Their Bras

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The prettier the visitor, the more lethal her bosom. Or so the thinking seems to go at the local jail in Hasselt, Belgium.

Aggrieved female lawyers claim that security guards are forcing female visitors to strip off their bras, using the excuse that support wiring sets off the prison’s sensitive metal scanners.

“It always strikes me that the younger, and the more babe-like, a lawyer is, the more difficult the device becomes,” Joseph Rowies, a spokesman for the city’s lawyers, told Het Nieuwsblad. “I’ve suggested that the prison guards to wear name tags so we can verify if it is always the same officers. But the management has refused for security reasons.”

Laurent Sempot of Belgium’s national prisons service refutes the allegations.

“I’ve visited Hasselt prison several times with female colleagues and none of them was asked to loosen her bra…We have recently tested the metal detectors. They functioned perfectly,” he said.