Playboy Centerfold Tries To Open Door of Plane, Mid-Flight

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Mike Walsh/

A playboy model was detained on Thursday after she reportedly suffered from an anxiety attack and tried to open the door of an airplane. Problem was, the plane was mid-flight. (via the New York Post)

Tiffany Livingston, 21, was the debut centerfold for Singapore’s version of Playboy and, according to theĀ Post, had admitted to suffering from anxiety in the past. Once her JetBlue flight was en route to Newark, N.J. from Orlando, Fla., that anxiety apparently struck again, and she “bolted from her seat” and headed for the exit.

As of last night, Livingston was in federal custody with charges pending.

While opening the door of an aircraft mid-flight isn’t the best way to ease anxiety (obviously!), there are things you can do to avoid perishing in the event your flight is going down. Check out Ben Sherwood’s tips on how to survive a plane crash.