Reading While Eating for September 10: Are You Ready for Some Pac-Man?

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A woman applies lipstick as she arrives at the Lincoln Center to attend the New York Fashion Week September 9, 2010.

REUTERS/Kena Betancur

This Friday’s link roundup brings us religion, football and Pizza Whoppers.

Bird’s Eye View: How is the 9/11 memorial construction coming along? A New York Times interactive graphic shows the building process and models how the new Ground Zero structure will look. (New York Times)

Gratuitous Gluttony: Salon’s Francis Lam taste-tests the Burger King New York Pizza Whopper. Spoiler alert: it’s not that good. (Salon)

Secular Scandals: The New Yorker takes a look into C Street, a D.C. residence populated by Christian politicians and dubbed a “frat house for Jesus.” (New Yorker)

Green Goals: Why President Obama should put solar panels back on the White House. (Washington Post)

Facebook Farmers: How alike are Farmville users and actual farmers? Not alike in the slightest. (Mashable)

Listen to This: An a capella version of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by The Beach Boys, as part of a 4-disc Pet Sounds re-release, showcases the band’s flawless harmonies. (Tuneage)

Elsewhere on Techland has a list of the best tailgating gadgets to help kick off football season.

Must-See: French-Swiss artist Guillaume staged a human Pac-Man game with auditorium seats and stop-motion filming.


I would bet my next paycheck that he didn't "retch" the night Steenkamp was shot.  I bet he didn't throw up, NOT ONCE, even when having her blood and specks and chunks of her flesh all over him. And yet - PHOTOS can provoke this response in him?  Pffffttt..... I doubt it.

This is nothing more than an ACT, constructed to convince the audience of how "horrified" he is, at the death of Steenkamp.

I believe he underestimated how long it's taken to convince the world this was an accident, and that a much bigger deal has been made out of this than he thought would happen.

I believe Pistorius was convinced that he could be very convincing.  Pistorius was convinced that he could convince the police, and he would be able to get away with killing Steenkamp.

Police, however, were unconvinced - and charges were brought against Mr. Pistorius.

I remain convinced that this was murder.

Apparently Pistorius remains convinced, that he is convincing enough to get away with it. 

He certainly is throwing his all into it, that's for sure.