Bedbug Bites: Martha Stewart Living Embroiled in Mattress Dispute

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Chip East / Reuters

With a growing cornucopia of bedrooms suffering from those imprudent parasites, what’s a good old magnate to do?

The Martha Stewart Collection Allergy Wise Mattress Protector not only keeps your sneezes away, but also the threat of bedbugs at bay. One Midwest group says not so fast Martha, claiming that Stewart’s idea is far from authentic.

The AP reports that JAB Distributors LLC has filed suit against Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. for patent infringement. The damages sought were not specified in the report, and Stewart’s headquarters did not immediately return the wire service’s phone calls.

Businessweek adds that JAB’s patent holds the rights to a “bug-impervious fabric,” highlighted by a foam pad that prevents bedbugs from escaping the mattress.

“It is likely that the evidence will show that Martha Stewart’s acts of infringement have been made with full knowledge” JAB said in the court filing.

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